Portland Business Contracts Lawyer

Whether you are a sole proprietor or the owner of a large corporation with thousands of employees, your business is only as secure as the contracts that guard its transactions and business relationships.

At the Oregon law firm of Bryan P. Murphy, P.C., our Portland business contracts attorney fully understands how critical it is for businesses to successfully structure transactions. Through his experience in business litigation and ADR, he has firsthand knowledge of the hidden risks inherent in different transactions. That is why attorney Bryan Murphy works with his clients to draft legally sound contracts today that minimize the potential for costly disputes in the future.

Multnomah County Attorney For Commercial Leases, Buy-Sell Agreements And More

A well-crafted contract can be the best insurance that money can buy for your business. Our Portland law firm effectively addresses possible contingencies through drafting business contracts in plain English, without ambiguity or dangerous loopholes. We draft, review and enforce a wide spectrum of contracts and documents, including:

  • Commercial leases
  • Licensing agreements
  • Purchase and sales agreements
  • Real estate buy-sell agreements
  • Franchise contracts
  • Partnership and shareholder agreements

Experienced Legal Counsel Is Vital: Don't Draft A Contract On Your Own

Business contracts call for the assistance of a skilled lawyer. Those who attempt to draft or review contracts on their own often realize down the road that they overlooked small but highly significant details. One sentence — or even one word choice — can spell the difference between a document that stands up in court and one that is worthless for your purposes.

To learn more about how our law firm can assist you with contract drafting, review or dispute resolution in Oregon, please call our lawyer at 503-505-7954 or contact Bryan P. Murphy by email for a free initial consultation or case evaluation.