Portland Employment Contracts Lawyer

Employees are often one of the greatest assets of a business. They frequently provide the company with innovative ideas, and they are the motive power that helps a business advance within its industry. Without well-drafted employee contracts and agreements, however, a business can face employment disputes that waste a significant amount of time and money.

At the Oregon law office of Bryan P. Murphy, P.C., we help our clients create legally secure agreements that guard their businesses' proprietary information from competitors and minimize future disputes.

Multnomah County Attorney For Noncompete/Nonsolicitation Agreements

With more than 20 years of experience, our Portland employment contracts attorney is well-versed in defending his clients' information and interests through nonsolicitation and noncompete agreements. These agreements are intended to protect trade secrets, intellectual property and other proprietary business information, as well as preserve the company's customer base.

Oregon law governing noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements is complex and ever-changing, calling for the counsel of a skilled attorney like Mr. Murphy to protect your business interests.

Employees Vs. Independent Contractors: Why It Makes A Difference

The business activities of an employee are under the control of his or her employer. Conversely, the conduct of and work performed by an independent contractor remains independent of the hiring party. Many companies choose to hire independent contractors in an effort to reduce costs, but ensuring that such workers really are independent contractors and not legal employees is critical.

If you mischaracterize a worker and fail to withhold appropriate federal taxes, you will face significant penalties from the IRS. Misclassification can also expose you to civil liability relating to unpaid overtime compensation, ERISA benefits and more. In essence, businesses desiring to utilize independent contractors should retain knowledgeable legal counsel to audit their employee categorizations.

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