Avoid Real Estate Disputes Through Sound Agreements

If you're buying or selling commercial real estate, your security in the transaction is as strong as the documents you sign.

Without a sound contract in place, you expose yourself to significant future risk and expense. For sellers, a buyer might have a change of heart and find a way out of the agreement due to the contract's ambiguous language. For a buyer, a defect in the property might surface, but you have little recourse because the terms of the contract were either unclear or not favorable to you.

These are just a couple examples. There are numerous ways a poorly drafted real estate agreement can come back to haunt you. You can limit such problems or avoid them altogether by hiring a real estate attorney who understands how to craft contracts that stand up to scrutiny.

For buyers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate in Portland, Bryan P. Murphy is that attorney.

What Makes For A Good Real Estate Contract?

A good real estate contract should include:

  • Detailed description of the property
  • Disclosing of defects
  • Contingencies such as financing, appraisal and inspections

With a sound contract in place, both buyer and seller are clear on the terms of the agreement. They know in plain language what they are getting and what they are giving up. This limits the likelihood of future disputes. In the event a dispute does arise, a good contract also includes a roadmap for dispute resolution.

Talk To A Lawyer Who Can Protect Your Interests In This Transaction

If you are seeking representation for a commercial or residential real estate transaction in Portland, Bryan P. Murphy is here for you. Contact our law offices online or by telephone at 503-505-7954 to arrange your initial consultation with an experienced real estate attorney in Oregon.

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